“The hard-core, grain-to-glass distillers grow their own grain and do their own distilling, blending, aging and bottling. So, understandably, they get a bit grumpy when competitors buy alcohol by the railcar and then repackage it as a ‘vodka handcrafted in Brooklyn’ or a ‘Texas blended whiskey.’ The next phase of the market is going to be distinguishing the makers from the fakers.”

— Michael Kinstlick, co-founder of Coppersea Distilling

source: http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2013/06/distilling-deceit/309308

Labeling, sourcing & lawsuits: Why American whiskey should improve it’s labels

“If you call yourself a distiller, there ought to be some distilling going on in your place of business — otherwise you’re just fabricating ways to describe a bottling plant.”

— Ben Lyon, Lyon Distilling Co.

source: http://www.eater.com/drinks/2015/7/7/8903167/sourcing-labeling-lawsuits-why-american-whiskey-should-improve-its

Distillers grapple with truth in advertising...

Just because a label reads “Bottled In Michigan” does not mean the spirits were made in Michigan, said Kent Rabish, owner of Grand Traverse Distillery. If it reads anything other than “distilled,” at least in whiskey, it wasn’t made by the company.

source: http://www.grbj.com/articles/84280-distillers-grapple-with-truth-in-advertising

Are you really buying from a local distillery?

Did you know that many local craft distilleries (and big ones too) buy mass-produced alcohol from large industrial distilleries and re-bottle it with their own label? In essence, you're paying a middleman for a mass-produced product—you might think you're supporting the local economy, but you're possibly supporting a factory somewhere in Indiana.

source: http://www.knowwhereitsmade.org/

Chase vodka calls for end to 'fake distilleries'

Chase Vodka founder William Chase has accused large and smaller distilleries of passing off mass-produced spirits as…

source: http://www.harpers.co.uk/spirits/chase-vodka-calls-for-end-to-fake-distilleries/313238.article